Social Media Marketing

Today’s communication speed, makes Social media, the most suitable tools to build and enable steady and continuous relationships with online audiences within a complete Universal Optimization® strategy. This is why the opportunities provided by an accurately developed Social Media Marketing strategy are numerous.

social_icon_strategy Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and LinkedIn (only to mention the most important ones) allow  the Brand to:

  • Transmit its values and get in contact with online audiences
  • Share and filter information coming from online conversations
  • Build and stimulate constantly, loyalized communities

Through Social Media, users become protagonists of online conversations, generating a great amount of content on thousands of different and monitorable channels.

Social channels represent a major opportunity to understand at any time what people say about your Brand and Product and allow, by using the most suitable code and attitudes, to sneak into conversations and steer them to stop the spreading of negative comments, which – if badly managed – can seriously damage Brand’s reputation.

Moreover, to support communication on different Social environments within a complete Social Media marketing strategy, it is possible to plan Social advertising campaigns in order to orient and stimulate the community.

At Mamadigital we have created a platform of specialized and integrated services to monitor what users search for on Search Engines and what they say on Social media, in order to be able to develop specific communication plans for every channels and for the relevant audience.

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Some testimonials

“A technical staff caring and available, able to provide innovative solutions. These are the main aspects of our collaboration with Mamadigital, along with the extraordinary ability of anticipating times and developing creative and effective strategies.”

Yigit Evren Aktekin
Ecommerce Manager, Terranova