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Online communication moves via conversation fluxes, steered and stimulated by group of “authoritative users” in different sectors who are able to foster trends, influence thoughts and actions of their communities.

social_icon_digitalprThese communication stakeholders are normally known as “influencers” or “opinion leaders”, terms which highlight their ability to influence people’s choices relating to services and products purchase.

In an integrated communication strategy, companies need to get in contact with these web stakeholders, recognize them and engage them by establishing trust relationships which can be very beneficial.

Digital PR is crucial in a Universal Optimization® strategy since relationships created through this approach have a key role in terms of Brand’s messages and values amplification with a consequent improvement of its popularity on the web. Also, it triggers natural mentions and connexions towards the company’s website from authoritative sources which can also improve the site authority for Search engines (Digital Popularity).

Mamadigital has a highly qualified Team of professional Digital PRs who constantly work on building relationships with websites and blogs accurately selected on the basis of SEO and online relationship criteria, who – starting from the analysis of conversational fluxes between audiences and major stakeholders – are able to identify people to be engaged in the improvement of a Brand’s popularity on the Web.

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Some testimonials

“We decided to renew our long lasting collaboration with Mamadigital with great enthusiasm. The professionalism, the experience and the ability to listen of its Team of professionals, are – besides good results – the positive aspects of  this experience”

Elena Quintarollo
Ecommerce Manager, Jeckerson