"Customer-centric communication plans based on engaging audiences right where they enable their conversations"

Social media Marketing & Digital PR

In the digital universe, the power of audience relationship is so strong as to be one of the main factors for reaching authoritativeness and popularity on the web, the first and most important step towards business development.

social_iconCreating and maintaining a constant online relationship with your clients is possible through  Social Media Marketing and Digital PR which are based on the modern concept of real-time communication, characterized by a direct and real-time exchange between message senders and receivers.

For brands it represents an opportunity to establish direct and constant relationships with online audiences, obtaining real-time feedbacks and turning them into message amplifiers, thus stimulating connexions and spontaneous mentions.

An accurate Social media Marketing strategy allows to interact with audiences by stimulating the development of loyalized communities through engaging actions that can constantly renew and strengthen the relationship of trust to the Brand.

Moreover, to support communication on Social channels, it can be useful to enable Social advertising campaigns to steer and stimulate communities interactions, and also Digital PR strategies to get in touch with influencers and opinion leaders who can spread and amplify Brand’s messages.

Mamadigital has a highly qualified Team of professionals who are able to develop and maintain trust relationship with communities and influencers carefully selected according to the goals set within a wider Universal Optimization® strategy.

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Some testimonials

“Reliability and expertise, availability and constant support: these are the keywords of a long-time collaboration which allowed us to reach the shared objectives. Not only professionals, but real people. This is the real strength of this collaboration”.

Chiara Torrisi
Web Marketing Coordinator, Bocconi