Web Analytics

Having many users visiting our website is very important. Every single visit is valuable, it is not easy to obtain it and it must be correctly interpreted in order to be able to measure the effectiveness of the online optimization strategies implemented to improve Brand presence on the web.

seo_icon_analyticsA detailed and regularly scheduled Web Analysis allows to collect useful information in order to improve your website’s performance and the campaigns implemented to achieve the set goals.

Web Analysis provides answers to these questions:

  • How many users do visit the websites?
  • From which sources of traffic do they come from?
  • By using which terms did they find us?
  • Which geographical area are they from?
  • What do users do when on the website?
  • Which are the pages they visit the most?
  • What is the least interesting content that push them away?
  • Why they did not complete the purchase of our products?

From the analysis of this information we can define the measures that need to be taken on the website and on the campaigns in order to improve the relationship with our users, providing them with a better navigation experience with a consequent benefit for our goals.

It is possible, for instance, to optimize the purchase path on an e-commerce website so that users are pushed to complete their purchase, turning passive visitors into clients.

Mamadigital has a strong know-how on Web Analytics tools and KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) analysis methodologies, which are crucial for budget and performance optimization as part of our Universal Optimization® digital strategy.

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Some testimonials

“We decided to renew our long lasting collaboration with Mamadigital with great enthusiasm. The professionalism, the experience and the ability to listen of its Team of professionals, are – besides good results – the positive aspects of  this experience”

Elena Quintarollo
Ecommerce Manager, Jeckerson