Search Engines Optimization

To have a properly indexed and optimized website means have it listed in the database of the main Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex and Baidu. Search Engines, index and classify tons of online resources such as websites, portals and social media to make their content available to users who are looking for specific products, services, events or news.

seo_icon_search_optimizationAs a consequence, a correct optimization is the mandatory condition to be visible among the first results of the search engines’ results page and attract the largest number of users surfing the Net.

A structured SEO project implies a series of optimization actions at different levels.

First of all it is important to start from the optimization of the technical and content structure of the website so that Search Engines can find and index all the pages of the website, and then analyse all the keywords used for search queries. This is particularly useful for content optimization.

Also, it is beneficial to integrate the Search Engine Optimization strategy to a SEO Content Marketing project for the development of an editorial plan aimed at maximizing the online presence of the website and intercept the queries of the target audience.

Optimizing all the elements that can influence a good positioning of the website on Search Engines is a constant activity that must take into account not only the analysis of the results obtained, but also Search Engines’ algorithm changes over the time and search queries trends.

Mamadigital, agency specialised in Search Engines optimization, has gained a strong experience in this sector by working with important national and international companies for which it has developed dedicated Universal Optimization® strategies.

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“We decided to renew our long lasting collaboration with Mamadigital with great enthusiasm. The professionalism, the experience and the ability to listen of its Team of professionals, are – besides good results – the positive aspects of  this experience”

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