Digital Popularity

Digital Popularity strengthens and improve Brands’ popularity and presence on Search Engines by combining a Digital PR approach to link building strategies in order to spread optimized content on different wbsites and also on social networks.

seo_icon_DigpopThe main purpose of Digital Popularity actions is to increase the number of mentions which are relevant for Search Engines to evaluate a Brand’s popularity.

This strategy, which supports the SEO activity, allows to activate natural and optimized mentions from news websites, blogs and social profiles specifically targeted and in compliance with Search Engines guidelines and with the latest updates of Google’s algorithms such as Panda and Penguin.

Consistently with our Universal Optimization® approach, we start from content optimization (articles, infographics, videos, Social channels statuses) to spread it on accurately selected sources according to the target audience and the SEO project’s objectives.

The purpose of this service is not only to increase the number of inbound links, but also to improve their quality by attentively choosing the sources. A detailed analysis of the target audience is crucial for the process of spreading optimized content.

Good content spread by authoritative websites attracts users’ attention and generates spontaneous connexions and mentions which are useful for improving the ranking on Search Engines.

Mamadigital, agency specialized in Search Marketing, has a dedicated Team of Digital PR professionals who is constantly in contact with websites and blogs selected according SEO criteria and online reputation.

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Some testimonials

“A technical staff caring and available, able to provide innovative solutions. These are the main aspects of our collaboration with Mamadigital, along with the extraordinary ability of anticipating times and developing creative and effective strategies.”

Yigit Evren Aktekin
Ecommerce Manager, Terranova