Video Advertising

Video advertising represents the present and the future of online advertising.

adv_icon_videoThe interest rate generated from sharing multimedia content is indeed three time higher than other formats and this is due to video better capability of attracting and reaching users compared to other formats.

Moreover, choosing the video format allows to focus on the creativity and originality of the message you want to communicate.

In an online advertising strategy, video ads can be planned by using Youtube platform, Google AdWords network and Real-time Bidding. The choice of the mean is based on the set objectives and on the way one wants to intercept the audience: by stimulating their engagement or  increasing their awareness. A video advertising campaign main objectives are:

  1. Stimulate curiosity and interaction from the target audience;
  2. Generate sympathy towards the message and as a consequence the Brand;
  3. Increase brand’s popularity and authoritativeness by spreading an interesting, clear and simple message;
  4. Stimulate user’s need to buy if the communication is about a product or service.

Mamadigital Team plans every video advertising campaign on on the most suitable channels to achieve your goals, in line with our Universal Optimization® Strategy.

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Some testimonials

“Reliability and expertise, availability and constant support: these are the keywords of a long-time collaboration which allowed us to reach the shared objectives. Not only professionals, but real people. This is the real strength of this collaboration”.

Chiara Torrisi
Web Marketing Coordinator, Bocconi