Retargeting is an innovative system for planning online advertising campaign which allows to reach users who previously visited your site, while they are on other websites. Retargeting display campaigns, can considerably increase return on investment reaching, for example, users who started the conversion path without completing it. Ads with ad hoc offers on the products previously visited will be displayed to them.

adv_icon_retargetingThis is a very strategic type of planning which must be integrated in the online advertising strategy of every site whose aim is to sell or to get registrations.

What are the benefits and what makes retargeting different from the traditional online advertising campaigns?

  • It is possible to show ads only to users who are really interested, thus increasing conversion rate.
  • It is possible to plan the campaigns with the Google Display Network, via AdWords, where retargeting is called remarketing.
  • Payments are done on the basis of every click received (Pay per click) or for every sale completed (Pay per action) independently from the number of impressions developed.
  • Management flexibility. It is also possible to speed up and optimize the campaign at any time according to  daily targets.
  • It is possible to choose on which sites ads must be displayed.

In Mamadigital, we are strongly persuaded of the importance of every marketing action to achieve objectives and get concrete results: with retargeting we optimize your campaign’s ROI and budget by retrieving customers you would have otherwise lost.

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Some testimonials

“We decided to renew our long lasting collaboration with Mamadigital with great enthusiasm. The professionalism, the experience and the ability to listen of its Team of professionals, are – besides good results – the positive aspects of  this experience”

Elena Quintarollo
Ecommerce Manager, Jeckerson