Real-Time Bidding

Real-TimeBidding (RTB) is the new frontier of online advertising which allows to intercept and show in real time online ads to a very specific target audience, selected on the basis of its needs and on its Internet surfing habits.

adv_icon_RTBThis means that one can plan display campaigns (banner, video) on millions of websites and even on social networks, getting highly targeted impressions.

What does it mean “highly targeted”?

Thanks to Real-Time Bidding technology, it is possible to buy single impressions within huge marketplaces (the AdExchanges) by paying only for the effective value that impressions have on the basis of users’ behaviours and interests on the Web.

For each available impression it is possible to determine user’s interest on the basis of the behavioural proximity to those who already converted on the website. For instance, by analysing the behavioural model of users who completed a purchase on an e-commerce website, it is possible to trace a cluster of similar profiles, who are most likely to buy.

To do this, in 2012 Mamadigital created a dedicated Trading Desk: this unit’s main task is to plan precisely targeted display campaign. This gives us the possibility to reach users for retargeting operations or to look for similar profiles.

Real-Rime Bidding clearly represents a big opportunity for e-commerce sites for lead acquisition, but also to strengthen Brand Awareness by planning real-time display campaigns – also via PPC system – addressed exclusively to highly targeted and likely-to-convert users, this being beneficial for both budget and ROI optimization.

Mamadigital is strongly persuaded of RTB effectiveness and invested on an innovative proprietary platform which represents the added-value of our Universal Optimization® strategy, the agency’s core-offer.

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Some testimonials

“Reliability and expertise, availability and constant support: these are the keywords of a long-time collaboration which allowed us to reach the shared objectives. Not only professionals, but real people. This is the real strength of this collaboration”.

Chiara Torrisi
Web Marketing Coordinator, Bocconi