Paid Search

Paid Search through Google Adwords, Yandex or Yahoo!, allows to buy sponsored advertisements on Search Engine result pages.

adv_icon_adwordsHow can one appear among the sponsored results? You need to “buy” a keyword so that every time a user search on Google (or Yandex for Russia) using that keyword, the ad previously created will appear on the results page.

You do not have to pay Google for every time the ad is displayed, but only when a user effectively click on it (PPC – Pay Per Click) and reach the advertised website.

What are the benefits of a Pay Per Click campaign? What makes it more efficient compared to other communication channels?

  • It is the only tool that allows you to be there at the right moment, i.e. when users are looking for you.
  • As mentioned above, you only pay the actual visits that you get. Views on your sponsored ads are actually free.
  • It is the fastest way to be visible on Search Engines.
  • It is the perfect tool for a targeted and time-limited ad. Do you want to give more visibility to an event? Do you think is useful to give prominence to a special promotion? This tool can be set up rapidly and stay online only for the time you need it to.
  • Google AdWords is the best tool to give more visibility to new websites since they are not really visible among organic search results. This tool is fundamental especially during the first months of a website’s life.
  • Measurability. A keyword advertising campaign allows to know how many potential clients visualized it and to measure its effectiveness: it is possible to know exactly how many people did click on the ad and actually visited the website, along with many other data.

Benefits of sponsored ads on Google AdWords, Yandex and Yahoo! are not finished. The most important one is undoubtedly the possibility to evaluate the entire campaign on the basis of the Return On Investment (ROI): with this tool you can monitor every single visit and know exactly if it converted into a profitable action.

Mamadigital added value, as a Google AdWords Qualified Company, is campaign optimization which allows to minimize cost per click and increase the number and the quality of visits maintaining the same budget.

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