Google Site Targeting and Adv Display Campaigns

Google Site Targeting allows to buy visibility on many specific content websites (portals, news websites, blogs) by planning advertisements in graphical or textual form (banner and video).

adv_icon_TARGETING Thanks to Google’s Network it is possible to plan a Site Targeting campaign (also known as Placement Targeting Campaign) on a large number of resources such as local and national news websites, known portals, magazines and blogs, reaching more than 75% of Internet users in more than 20 languages and in over 100 countries all over the world.

What are the benefits of Site Targeting ads? What makes it different from buying ads on individual sites or via media centres?

  • With Site Targeting you can choose one by one the websites on which you want to be displayed, according to your Target needs. So the ads only appear on the resources actually visited by your target audience.
  • Payment method is flexible. It is possible to pay on impression, which is the normal method for display campaigns, or exclusively for every click received (pay per click),  independently from the number of impressions received.
  • Campaign Management is completely flexible. You can speed it up or slow it down at any moment, pause it and restart it by setting dates and daily objectives.
  • Every website added to the planning can be managed individually. This means that we can choose on which resources we want to bid more or less and also change the graphical elements. This is very important since it allows to makes changes all long the way, saving budget and increasing profitability.

All the above mentioned benefits make Site Targeting beneficial for Display campaigns that are normally planned by advertising sales agencies on CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) which have much higher costs and are not as flexible and money saving as Google’s Site Targeting.

Mamadigital, agency specialized in online advertising campaigns, has gained a strong experience in this sector by working with important companies for which it has developed display campaigns integrated to its Universal Optimization® strategies.

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