Display Campaigns & Email Marketing

If your goal is getting Direct Response, e.g. getting online reservations, often online Search advertising campaigns can be the best mean to serve this purpose.

adv_icon_emailmktVery often it can be the right choice, especially when you deal with major Brands which already developed a large awareness among their customers and have no trouble in getting conversions.

In other cases, Search advertising can boost its effects if included in a Universal Optimization® strategy: Display campaigns, with textual or video ads, enhance Brand awareness.

Users are more likely to click on ads of brands they already know and this can be remarked especially in their subsequent actions.

There are many contexts where integration between different online promotion channels can enhance the campaign: no wonder if online advertising growth is constant and fast. According to the Forrester research Institute forecast, by 2019, Display advertising is going to double its value.

In Mamadigital, your objectives are our priority: Brand awareness, traffic growth, Lead Generation, Sales growth. Only after that, we choose the right means and channels: Search, Display, E-mail, affiliation programs or a combination of all of these.

Our team boasts a long experience, gained through years of negotiations with some of the most important Italian advertising companies and thanks to a thick network of international partners for planning and buying operations on world’s major markets.

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Some testimonials

“Reliability and expertise, availability and constant support: these are the keywords of a long-time collaboration which allowed us to reach the shared objectives. Not only professionals, but real people. This is the real strength of this collaboration”.

Chiara Torrisi
Web Marketing Coordinator, Bocconi