Online Reputation monitoring and analysis

The Online Reputation of a Brand results from the overall online conversations about it and about its products and services.

brandmonitoring_icon_monitoraggio_analisi A very common habit among Internet users, in latest years, is looking for other customers’ opinion and comments on the Internet before buying a product or a service.

This habit makes extremely important to be acknowledged on what is consumers’ perception of a Brand and to be prepared in managing its online Reputation.

This is why, online Reputation monitoring and analysis has a very important role.

Online Reputation monitoring is based on searching for and analysing online conversation to identify  opinions expressed on the Web. This activity allows to:

  • Obtain information in real-time.
  • Identify company and product related conversations.
  • Understand to what extent is the Brand effectively known online and what is its perception.
  • Rapidly identify negative information, by monitoring in real-time its spreading on the Web.
  • Examine all Internet users and not just a representative sample.
  • Identify emerging Trends to take advantage from.

The monitoring activity is linked to online reputation analysis, which means studying conversation to understand what is the level of satisfaction among customers. This analysis requires specific skills and a profound knowledge of online communication dynamics. Reputation analysis allows to verify that there is not too much of a discrepancy between how a Brand is perceived by consumers and the image that the company wants to transmit, identifying – if necessary – the areas of improvement of the product itself or of the communication strategies.

Compared to other market research, online Reputation analysis and monitoring are a non-intrusive method like a questionnaire submission, for example. Users express their because they want to and not because they are asked to.

Mamadigital is specialized in online Brand reputation monitoring and analysis which are integrated in wider Universal Optimization® strategies enabled for important Italian companies.

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“A technical staff caring and available, able to provide innovative solutions. These are the main aspects of our collaboration with Mamadigital, along with the extraordinary ability of anticipating times and developing creative and effective strategies.”

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