Meridiana Took Off In Flight With Mamadigital SEO



Meridiana is the Italian airline company which provides its clients with a vast selection of National and International flights and destinations on a short and medium range.



The objectives on which our partnership is based since 2011, are:

  • Optimizing the presence of the Brand on Search Engines;
  • Increasing online sales.



Mamadigital’s Team accurately studied  Meridiana background to develop a Universal Optimization® strategy aimed at reaching the company’s goals.

The ongoing project, includes: SEO technical actions aimed at optimizing the website in five languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish and German) supported by specific Digital Popularity strategies, studied to involve relevant and authoritative sites in the company’s activity so as to increase the number of mentions and connexions towards the company’s website by sharing interesting and new content; A SEO Content Marketing project based on the creation and management of an eMagazine conceived to provide Meridiana users with useful information within new and engaging pieces of content about destinations and travel tips; A strategic advice to optimize the Brand presence on Social media.


The results registered during the different phases of the project are substantial: exponential increase in targeted traffic from organic search; important increase in flight tickets sales to users coming from Search Engines.

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Some testimonials

“A technical staff caring and available, able to provide innovative solutions. These are the main aspects of our collaboration with Mamadigital, along with the extraordinary ability of anticipating times and developing creative and effective strategies.”

Yigit Evren Aktekin
Ecommerce Manager, Terranova