Fabi Shoes Increases Sales by 35% thanks to The Universal Optimization



Fabi Shoes is a famous Italian luxury shoes manufacturer for men and women. Its products are sold on Italian and International markets.



Fabi and Mamadigital renewed their partnership after achieving extraordinary results in 2012 and 2013. The new challenging objectives are:

  • Improve the visibility of Fabi and Barracuda brands;
  • Increase online sales volume on three markets (Russian, English and Italian);
  • Increase the number of loyalized customers.



Mamadigital’s Team has studied a Universal Optimization® strategy  aimed at internationalizing the brands and the related e-commerce sites, by carefully developing high quality content and establishing solid relationships.

The strategy is based on a SEO and SEO Content action plan for the Brand sites Fabi Shoes and Barracuda: technical and content SEO actions in three languages (Italian, English, Russian) with a particular attention to Yandex, the Search Engine used by 75% of Russian users.

These measures were also supported by the Digital Popularity activity and by Paid Search campaigns planned via Google Adwords and Yandex.



We have observed an important increase in visits and transaction compared to the previous year, registering a 100% increase in visits only for the Brand site Barracuda Shoes. Organic traffic to the e-commerce Fabi Boutique, have increased   by 34% and sales by 46%, this meaning a +35% global revenue increase.

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Some testimonials

“Reliability and expertise, availability and constant support: these are the keywords of a long-time collaboration which allowed us to reach the shared objectives. Not only professionals, but real people. This is the real strength of this collaboration”.

Chiara Torrisi
Web Marketing Coordinator, Bocconi