The E-Commerce Bakker Italia blooms with Mamadigital SEO: +32% sales



Bakker Italia is the leading company in Europe for the online sale of plants and flowers, specialized on mail-order and online sales in different countries.



 The collaboration, which started on 2013, has the following objectives:

  • To strengthen the presence of the e-commerce among organic search results;
  • To Increase online sales.



Mamadigital, together with Bakker Italian team and technical Dutch staff, has developed a Universal Optimization® strategy, built around a series of SEO measures aimed at refining the site, improving the e-commerce indexing on Search Engines and optimizing its content so as to intercept highly qualified users.

To support the SEO activity, we have enabled a specific Digital Popularity strategy whose aim is to improve  Bakker’s popularity on Search Engines, increasing the number and the quality of mentions and spontaneous connections from Brand related blogs and websites.



It did not take a long time before results showed up: 159% increase in visits in the two-years activity and 32% increase in sales in one year (compared to 2013).

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Some testimonials

“We decided to renew our long lasting collaboration with Mamadigital with great enthusiasm. The professionalism, the experience and the ability to listen of its Team of professionals, are – besides good results – the positive aspects of  this experience”

Elena Quintarollo
Ecommerce Manager, Jeckerson