"To live the web as a boundless space where to reach highly targeted users also on International markets"

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The Internet is a virtual place which is particularly profitable for the promotion of products and services.

objective2The electronic commerce industry has doubled its value in Italy and all over the world: according to the latest data released by the B2C Observatory of the Politecnico of Milan, in Italy, in 2015 the e-commerce industry registered an increase of +15% in sales towards Italian and foreign consumers, for a total value of nearly 15 billion euro.

People are more and more oriented towards online shopping instead of going to a real shop. To do this they enable a constant infocommerce activity, i.e. search for information on companies, products and services before buying.

This scenario represents a huge opportunity for Brands to get in contact with a vast audience interested in their products and services, beyond geographical boundaries and making the brand known abroad. Aiming at foreign markets is the main opportunity provided by e-commerce.

To achieve your goals and maximize your online sales performance, Mamadigital develops for your Brand the most suitable Universal Optimization® strategy.

Starting from analyzing the objectives and the referring market (Italian or foreign) we can define an integrated plan which combines: Search Engine Optimization actions whose aim is to improve your e-commerce positioning on the main Search Engines (Google, but also Yandex for the Russian market and Baidu for the Chinese market) with a particular attention to the SEO Content Marketing activity aimed at providing interesting and optimized content for your audience through a blog or an online magazine; Online advertising campaigns (Paid Search, Retargeting, RTB) which allow to intercept the target audience while they show their interest in buying the product or service; Social Media Marketing strategies aimed at loyalizing users and thus clients and prospects.

Mamadigital has a proven experience in maximizing e-commerce performance of famous Brands such as: Fabi Shoes, Jeckerson, Kaspersky Lab, Bakker Italia (read the case history) and also in lead generation as is the case for Bocconi, IULM, Stanhome.

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Some testimonials

“A technical staff caring and available, able to provide innovative solutions. These are the main aspects of our collaboration with Mamadigital, along with the extraordinary ability of anticipating times and developing creative and effective strategies.”

Yigit Evren Aktekin
Ecommerce Manager, Terranova